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Legacy Systems.

Old Computers Are Still Critical to Many Businesses.
Do you have systems tied to an aging infrastructure?

If legacy systems are still a big part of your business, we’re the best source to keep it all running. Switching to the latest versions may cost too much, create downtime, or decrease your capabilities. With our 20 years of experience, we know how to maintain systems with older hardware, whether it is serial, parallel, PS/2, floppy disk, ISA, EISA, MCA AGP, PCI, or some other long forgotten acronym. We also understand old Operating Systems, whether you are running DOS, unsupported versions of Windows, CP/M or some other out of production software.

Legacy Microworx Custom Build

Solutions that fit your market

Purpose-Built PCs

Contact us with your specific need.

Computer Repair

Laptop Repairs

Microworx repairs all brands of laptop and tablet computers – Dell, Lenovo, HP, Apple, Microsoft, or most any manufacturer. While they may be convenient, these portable devices are not always the most rugged.

Microworx can perform any repair you may need on your laptop or tablet.

Desktop Repairs

They don’t travel the way a portable device does, but desktop PCs also need repair. Hard drives fail. Spyware, malware, and viruses invade. Software becomes corrupted. And when your computer goes down, your productivity does as well.

Let Microworx help you address your PC problems. We troubleshoot both hardware and software concerns and recommend the best solution for your needs. We can often make the repairs at your home or office, limiting your downtime.

Data Back-Up and Recovery

We all know the importance of our data. It is essential to our daily life and to the success of our businesses. But your data is only as safe as your back-up strategy. Even small, everyday issues can create major problems.

Microworx provides back-up solutions for individuals and businesses. Whether it be a local or cloud solution, we will help you design and implement the level of protection you need for your home or business.

Managed Services

Many small businesses benefit from outsourcing their IT Service Management. You can focus on what you do best, while feeling confident that Microworx is doing what we do best-preventing and solving your IT problems. And better yet-we’re local! When you team with Microworx, you will never be outsourced.

We offer a comprehensive, affordable solution for supporting and managing the overall health of your entire network. With a combination of tools, we monitor, manage, and track all the components of your IT infrastructure to ensure your systems are optimized and your business can perform at its best. With our proactive approach, we help to prevent IT issues before they happen.

Your IT Infrastructure Is Our Priority!

Service Options

We understand that your computer is critical to you and we offer many service options, pre-scheduled service, and while-you-wait service to ensure that we get you the turnaround that you need and is possible on your system.

  • Expedited Service
  • Walk-In Service
  • Service by Appointment
  • Service While-U-Wait
  • On-Site Service
  • Remote Service

Make Microworx Your IT Company. Visit Us Today!

Microworx offers a wide variety of IT services to home users and small enterprises. We provide carry-in and on-site computer repairs, upgrades, purpose-built PCs, virus removal, data recovery, network and security solutions for Windows, Mac and Linux desktops, laptops and servers. Need service? Visit our scheduling page, call 585-271-0050, or visit our showroom and repair center at 20 Allens Creek Rd (located near the corner of Allens Creek and Monroe Avenue) – right off the 590 exit for Monroe Ave. If you can’t bring it in, we also offer pick-up and delivery service for a small fee.