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High-End Workstations

Microworx’s High-End Workstations are tailor-made for each industry with productivity and stability in mind.  We work with CAD, POS, Server Systems, and many more to help make your work environment flow the way it should.

Why buy a High-End Workstation?

It is easy to look at the price point for a ready-made PC and think that a gaming computer will get you the same place as a workstation. But have you ever tried it? It is true that many of the specs are similar, but computers aren’t just a sum of their parts. The most important information to have when picking out a new PC, is how the parts work together. Microworx stays on top of the newest tech, firmware, software, practices, plans of the companies whose parts we use. What does that mean for you? It means that you get a computer that will work with you, not just for you. We match components to actions and make sure that whatever you needs done, our Purpose-Built PCs will do it well.

Why buy Microworx Purpose-Built?

Purpose-Built PCs are exactly what they sound like. Built with a specific workload in mind. You get just what you need and none of the expensive extras that you don’t want.

When you speak with our Sales Associates and Techs about your needs, we work with you to plan the best machine for your budget and then we follow through to help integrate the new workstation into your existing network. Or, if you need, we will help you create a whole new network, from the ground up.

Make Microworx Your IT Company. Visit Us Today!

Microworx offers a wide variety of IT services to home users and small enterprises. We provide carry-in and on-site computer repairs, upgrades, purpose-built PCs, virus removal, data recovery, network and security solutions for Windows, Mac and Linux desktops, laptops and servers. Need service? Visit our scheduling page, call 585-271-0050, or visit our showroom and repair center at 20 Allens Creek Rd (located near the corner of Allens Creek and Monroe Avenue) – right off the 590 exit for Monroe Ave. If you can’t bring it in, we also offer pick-up and delivery service for a small fee.