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These days, it seems like our technology is aging faster than we are. Perhaps exponentially so. So it should come as no surprise that the industry has come up with responses to this.
Where is this most relevant? Our soon-to-be end-of-life Windows 7 OS is certainly one place. We all cringed when Microsoft released Windows 10 and gave us a “free” upgrade. There were so many stipulations to that upgrade that it was almost not worth it at all. Then there were so many bugs in the early years of Windows 10 that we realized why they gave it away for free. All that being said, Windows 10 is now far more stable, which is great. But Microsoft is now pushing updates rather than allowing you to “opt out”, so new issues are arising. The most obvious of these being that our computers that were powerhouses just a year ago, are now slowing down so dramatically that it’s not even worth turning them on.
But what’s the solution? A new computer? I don’t know about you, but I can’t afford a new machine every time Microsoft decides to push a bigger update. But I *can* afford an SSD. Solid State Drives, which were once only a slight step up in speed and read-writes, now show massive improvements over their traditional spinning peers. And they are more stable than they first were, so not as much worry exists about a hard drive failure. To be honest, they seem to fail less than spinning drives at this point.
This all sounds great, but what about the cost, right? Well, as the market grew, the cost shrank. You can now swap out your traditional spinning drive for an SSD without breaking the bank. A comparable SSD costs less than ¼ again as much as it’s spinning counterpart. So when you’re talking a whole new computer or swapping a drive, you really can afford to upgrade your hard drive and lengthen the life of your computer.
So try an SSD upgrade today and see how much better you experience is. Call Microworx to discuss how you can upgrade your existing computer. You’ll be glad you did!

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